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I'm Philip Dale Smith (mostly known as Dale). I’ve spent a lifetime working with kids and families. A founder of youth camps in three states and Canada, award-winning children’s picture book author and novelist, I conduct school programs for children and Every Kid a Winner™ seminars for adults. I’ve been with untold thousands of children in schools, youth camps, rallies, and retreats.

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I’ve discovered that children:
      • Long to be loved
      • Need to believe in themselves
      • Hunger for affection
      • Yearn to feel that they count
      • Want boundaries, order and structure (believe it or not!)
      • Hope, almost desperately, that they have a bright future ahead.

Most of us long to see those dreams fulfilled for our children. But many don’t have a clue as to how to make it happen. All of us struggle with society’s constant obstacles. This resource site will help.

Let us help you invest where it counts: in family. We can invest our time, energy and money in the family, or we can invest it elsewhere, sometimes telling ourselves that “I’m doing this for the family.” I invite you to listen to a story about a dad in Florida who learned the distinction between investing “for” the family, and investing “in” the family. What a bold and wise choice that father and husband made! It will pay off for generations to come. Turn up the audio and listen....

Here's the story:

This web site is about kids--big ones, little ones, and precious teenie-tiny ones; your kids, my kids, and the kids of others. It’s about the “big people” who share their world. It’s about inspiration, knowledge, and tools we can use to make a difference in the lives of children. It’s about building and being a part of an exciting network of tens of thousands of people, whp care deeply about kids. And it is ongoing resource for developing needed understanding skills.

Our mission is to equip and inspire key people: parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, Sunday school teachers, and others who can help children reach their full potential.

Can we do it? Can we prepare children to be intelligent, healthy, and secure? Can we help them be curious, exuberant, and yet disciplined? Can they be socially adept and fun to be with—and more? Sure! With input from many, including you readers, we’ll make both this site and the "Every Kid a Winner™ E-zine" enjoyable, exciting, and helpful.

Watch for the promise I’ll make to your and your family at the end of this letter.

There’s a lot to share! Read each issue of the E-zine and click on buttons in the left column regularly to check site features:
       Do Babies Remember Birth? will thrill, delight and absolutely amaze you. The implications are astounding.
       Top Tips for Big Folks has ideas and insights for enriching family life. Do you have an idea to submit? Click the "Guidelines" button.
       A Book in the Spotlight highlights a benefit-rich publication, whether a novel, parenting how-to manual, or picture book.
       Baby’s Diary is a fun-filled feature that tries to imagine how a baby views and responds to his or her new world.
       A Story Worth Sharing is a nugget of insight or inspiration nestled in a story you’ll enjoy and want to share.
       Every Kid a Winner E-zine tells about our monthly newsletter and what you can
expect it to contain.

Main Menu (above) provides information and help in special areas of interest.
      • Need a Speaker? will help you find helpful and entertaining programs for your school, library, church, civic club, or other group.
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links to the “Family Store” and to Golden Anchor Press, our publishing company.
      • Media Room is where newspapers, radio and television stations and others can get in- depth information about Every Kid a Winner™ people, programs, and products.
       • Family Store is your shopping center for books, tapes, and other materials we have available to enrich your life and that of your family.
      • Contact Us provides ways you can get in touch with us. We want you to know that we are real people and that to the extent we can be, we’re here for you.
      • E-mail Us has an email form set up for you to use to send suggestions for future topics you’d like addressed, including questions you’d like answered.
       • Guidelines Would you like to submit stories, articles, or ideas for us to consider using on this site or in the newsletter? “Guidelines” provide suggestions for submission and will help you make your material a good fit.

There's enrichment for the whole family, not just help for the kids--The Every Kid a Winner™ concepts will do more than help children to be winners. Your entire family will benefit in real and wonderful ways.

I make you this promise: If you’ll generously apply the ideas shared on this site and in the newsletter, it will make a powerful, long-term difference in your family. Future generations will feel the impact! Do you want to be remembered generations from now? Apply these ideas and you will be. Positively.

It’s time for action! Families are hurting. Generations are losing touch with each other and becoming alienated. Hopes are fading, dreams are dying. Families are fragmenting and children are being lost. But together we can do something about it. We must.

What can you do?

1. Spend some time on this site. Encourage your spouse to do so. Read, absorb, and apply principles and techniques you discover. Pick at least one and put it to work right away.

2. One of the most powerful life-enriching activities you can enjoy as a family is to read together. You’ll love our absolutely free report “Look What Happens When a Family Reads Together!” [Click here] for more information and to start enjoying this report right away.

3. Use the “Email Us” (above left) feature to suggest questions you’d like answered or topics you’d like to have us address in the future.

4. Tell others about this web site and E-zine. Click to [Tell a Friend]

5. Perhaps most important of all, don’t forget …

To change the world tomorrow, love a child today!

-- Dale Smith

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