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Don’t you love a good story? Do you have one to tell? Want to submit it for us to consider publishing? Our goal is to make Every Kid a Winner™ a powerful and helpful tool for those involved with children. So remember that our features and articles are always geared to contribute to that end.

The fact that a child did or said something cute is not justification for publication. Otherwise, our own grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. would fill every page! Each article must have a family or child-related core message that enlightens, amuses, or touches our hearts—and we hope, all three.

There’s a need for such stories—your stories. Families have changed. We seldom live in multi-generational homes where Grandma can, on a regular basis, pass down her wisdom/stories/values to the grandchildren. Parents are busy—busy with demands for their time from jobs, church and social activities, civic organizations and their homes. Yet, we hunger for companionship, mentorship, and wise counsel. That’s why “How to” books are in such demand. And that’s why this Every Kid a Winner™ Web site and the Ezine are so important. Because we care, we all want help with our every day questions and concerns related to family and children.

One of the best ways to find that help is to listen to others who have “been there.” On these pages we want to give YOU a chance to be a mentor, inspiration, or friend with words of wisdom for the rest of us.

Our goal is to make this web site as exciting, helpful, and interactive as possible. So, if you have a message or story to tell, we’d like to hear from you. This isn’t, however, a paid writer’s site. We don’t charge for subscriptions to our site and Ezine, so we can’t and don’t pay a fee for articles used. What we do is offer you a chance for your voice to be heard, your story to be told, and for you to share your ideas with others.

Our writer’s guidelines are quite simple: In relatively few words, tell us a story that gives us an insight, touches our hearts, makes us laugh, sing, or wipe a tear. If the content fits a topic or theme that we’re developing, the odds are good we’ll be using your material as space becomes available. Be aware that it may be edited for style and space.

Note the following:

• NO vulgar or foul language will be used even if “integral to the context of the story.”
• Send submissions to this e-mail address: submissions@everykidawinner.com
• Paste each submission within the text of the e-mail or directly beneath your name when you sign off.
• We will NOT open attachments or “forwards.”
• All submissions should be 400-1000 words long. (Content may be edited for brevity and style.)
• NO sexually explicit content will be considered.
• Your name will be used along with a general geographical location, i.e. Jane Doe, Atlanta, Georgia.
• You will not be paid for any part of any submission. Your story remains your story. You may feel free to post it to other sites as you see fit or to submit it for publication to other venues.

About the features:

BABY’S DIARY is a whimsical imaginary look into the mind of a baby or toddler. Would you like to write a page for baby? (Those little tykes keep getting ballpoint ink on their bibs!) Your submission should be clear and concise. Make sure that it will be clear to the reader as to what the “baby” is saying--without notes or explanation. In some instances we may blend your contribution with material from other writers in view of the fact that several may submit similar or overlapping material. If this happens, each contributor will be acknowledged, but without note as to which writer submitted which lines.

DO BABIES REMEMBER BIRTH? is for sharing actual conversations between you and your 2 to 5 year old regarding their birth experience. We’d love to hear from you if your youngster is able to “fill you in” on his or her memories! Click to see the instructions on the “Do Babies Remember Birth?” page of this website.

A STORY WORTH SHARING is your opportunity to tell us a true story about your family. It may be funny, touching, insightful. We ask that it be an anecdotal telling of a real happening in your life, or the life of someone in your family.

TOP TIPS FOR BIG PEOPLE is a way you can pass on helpful hints and bits of wisdom to others. How have you achieved positive results with your children? What has worked for your family? What traditions connect your family inter-generationally? Do you have a bed-time routine that is especially effective? How have you dealt with sibling rivalry. How did you teach your child(ren) to pray? What would you do differently? This is your opportunity to “toot your own horn” or, perhaps, to tell about things your parents did right.

Please Note: Be sure to make copies of your material as articles will not be returned.

Off the record:

While not for publication, we’d love your feedback about: 1. Articles or features you have enjoyed or found helpful (please be specific as what and why); 2. Our books and products; 3. Ways to improve our site or Ezine; 4. Questions or topics you’d like addressed in the future. You may click here to send an Email with the information.

We’re committed to continuing our work with families and organizations to strengthen the lives of children through offering help and assistance to parents, grandparents and other “big people” who care. Your input will help make that happen. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy writing! –Philip Dale Smith & Lisa Kay Hauser