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“My Dog, Pal—and other Stories”
The kids (and adults) will be on the edges of their seats as they hear what happened when five-year old Dale, “all by himself,” walked down the country road to meet his daddy (Was that a giraffe he heard growl?) Then Dale will tell how his mother let his dog, Pal, in to wake him when she called and Dale didn’t get up. There’ll be peals of laughter as the audience, from the youngest child to the eves-dropping grown-ups, hears the conclusion of this story. This program varies from twenty to forty-five minutes—adapted to audience maturity/interest level. Mr. Smith will weave in the reading of some of his children’s picture books, a song or two, and perhaps a bit of “magic.”

“How to Capture Your Family’s Story”
There's likely a skeleton or two in almost every family’s closet, but there is much more there that is fascinating, if we know how and where to look. This hour-long session (or longer, if desired) offers adults and older children insights on how they can create a memoir or write a novel by blending fact, fiction, and family lore to craft their stories. Your patrons will discover how to apply techniques Mr. Smith and his daughter, Lisa Kay Hauser, have used to become award-winning novelists. Dale will draw examples from Turn Back Time, Sunshine & Shadow and Secrets of Rebel Cave. Attendees will learn how to glean and craft family stories and fascinating tid-bits. Handouts are provided.

“Finding Your Gift as a Writer”
Among your most zealous patrons are many who have a hidden or not-so-secret longing to be a writer. This session focuses on how they can gather their bits-and-pieces and weave them into an image-rich tapestry. They’ll use “The 5 Rs of Writing”, to give it color and make it sparkle with life. If your library has a large contingency of homeschooling families, they would be good prospects for a morning or afternoon session when other children are in school. Handouts are provided.

“Building Family Togetherness: Two Best Tools for Parents”
Want to bond with family members? Want to strengthen communication? Want to build unforgettable family memories? Many of your patrons do! Dale Smith has spent a lifetime working with children and families. He’s found that two of the best tools for bonding a family and equipping children for the future are shared read-aloud times and story-telling times. In this session he shares delightful and powerful techniques that will help make the most of these opportunities that are so valuable for building family traditions and connectedness—and for equipping children for life. Handouts are provided.

Mr. Smith’s media team will work with your staff to build attendance for your event.

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