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Philip Dale Smith is highly qualified to bring your school a delightful and memorable program that will be enjoyed by the students and appreciated by the teachers and administratrators. He’s an award-winning novelist, award-winning children’s picture book author, and past winner of the “World’s Championship of Public Speaking.”

No wonder Dale has so much success with children! Here’s his philosophy:

“Every child is special! Each has astonishing potential. Each deserves to be surrounded by supportive people and to live in an atmosphere that builds self-respect and nurtures life-enhancing skills and attitudes. Learning should be fun. Educators are among the most valuable people in our society. It’s an honor to join hands with them.”

Experienced youth worker:
A founding director of youth camps in three states and Canada. Speakerat youth rallies, retreats, camps, and both public and private schools

 Award-winning children’s picture book author:
1-2-3, Special Like Me!, 1-2-3, God Made Me!, OVER is not UP, The Rabbit and the Promise Sign, Nighttime at the Zoo, and Little Tom Meets Mr. Jonah
Dale meets two "lifelong
fans" at a School

School Assemblies:

“Finding the Winner Within” Thirty to forty minutes. Dale’s goals are to enhance each child’s self-esteem, help each recognize he or she has unique capabilities, and equip each to find and develop them. He helps students realize they can be winners if they choose to do the things winners do and avoid the things losers do. Illustrates with stories of children pegged as losers who are now well-known winners. Effectiveness of these assemblies is greatly enhanced when there is one for children for the third grade and younger and one for the fourth grade. Teachers report seeing students “do a 180” in attitudes toward others, toward themselves, and in their confidence they can truly be winners.

“I’ve heard nothing but praise from our teachers regarding your visit…The kids were still talking about you yesterday.”      Ruth Miller, Librarian, Middle School, Chillicothe, MO


Third grade and younger: “My Dog Pal and Other Stories.” The kids (and teachers) will be on the edges of their seats as they hear what happened when five-year old Dale, “all by himself,” walked down the country road to meet his daddy (was that a giraffe he heard growl?) Then Dale will tell how his mother let his dog, Pal, wake him when she called and Dale didn’t get up. There’ll be peals of laughter as the audience, from the youngest child to the eves-dropping custodian, hears the conclusion of this story. This program varies from twenty to forty-five minutes—adapted to audience maturity/interest level. Mr. Smith will weave in the reading of some of his children’s picture books, a song or two, and perhaps a bit of “magic.” Note: This can also be an assembly for the younger children.

Fourth grade and older: “Finding Your Special Magic as a Writer.” Involves extensive use of visuals, handouts, how-to-do discussions, student participation, and a bit of “magic.” Many put-to-work-now ideas help pupils build on the concept that “powerful writing grows from clear, vivid images.” Easily adapted for “Young Author Day” or other special times that focus on reading or creative writing. Includes excerpts from Mr. Smith’s novels. Minimum time: fifty minutes. Great for getting pupils ready for state testing. Having the same students in longer sessions is highly effective if time permits.

Lunch with the Author
Some schools arrange for their “Young Authors’ Club” or other students to have lunch with Mr. Smith. Some have an essay contest in each class to select students from each to join Mr. Smith for lunch in a separate room or cafeteria section. He’ll guide them in a stimulating discussion of what it means to be a published writer, how to get started, dealing with obstacles, etc.

In-Service Training for Educators
Two themes are available: “Every Kid a Winner”™ or “An APPLE for the Teacher.”™ The first focuses on children and what each needs to reach his or her full potential. “APPLE” focuses on how the teacher can increase positive impact on the lives of the children while finding greater personal satisfaction as an individual. Participants often comment that this program equips those attending both for greater effectiveness as a teacher and for a richer, fuller life outside the classroom.

Professional development sessions usually take place at times other than during an author visit. But some schools, for budget and other considerations, like to conduct them as an after school add-on to the programs discussed above. They can range from fifty minutes to three hours in length.

“He conducted an in-service session with PK-12 faculty, ‘An Apple for the Teacher,’ based on his motivational program ‘Every Kid a Winner’. Coach Dan Burden, a teacher of 40 years, said it all … ‘He’s the best I’ve ever heard in all my years of teaching.'"
Cathy Hunt, Head, Lower School, Clarksville Academy, Clarksville, TN

Parent/Teacher Organizations:
Mr. Smith’s "Four Fabulous Factors of Family Communication™" theme brings a wealth of insights, tools, and techniques to those attending. He discusses how families can be more effective in communicating through how we touch, talk, listen, and observe. “Parents, Don’t Let These Tools Rust!” is a delightful look at how to use stories and read-aloud times to develop skills that will enhance, not just education, but all of life. Presentations can be customized as needed. Consider this program if your parent/teacher group meets while Mr. Smith is in town. Or work with other parent-teacher organizations to arrange a multi-school blitz and joint meeting.

To schedule a program, or for more information, click here:

Educators are elated with these programs. Note the following reactions:

“Dale Smith was a guest speaker/author at Clarksville Academy. He came as a caring, humorous, gifted speaker but he left Clarksville Academy as a friend. He shared the personal stories upon which his children’s books and novels are based. He had lunch with young writers and turned it into a wonderful workshop. He taught writing skills with middle school English classes and further displayed his versatility as a guest speaker after school. He conducted an in-service session with PK-12 faculty, ‘An Apple for the Teacher,’ based on his motivational program ‘Every Kid a Winner.’ Coach Dan Burden, a teacher of 40 years, said it all … ‘He’s the best I’ve ever heard in all my years of teaching.’ Dale Smith is an excellent presenter for any age and the best part is that his words come from the heart.” Cathy Hunt, Head, Lower School, Clarksville Academy, Clarksville, TN

“On behalf of the students and faculty at Acacia Elementary School, I would like to thank you for your presentation. The children were in awe from the stories that you told. Knowing that they were related to your life experiences made it more interesting to them. This was truly a fabulous day that many will never forget. You made a difference in many children’s lives…” Connie Erickson, Principal, Acaia Elementary School, Vail, AZ

“Mr. Dale Smith visited Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Bremerton . . to share his interest and skills as an author with our students . . . working with students at every grade, K-8. . . .Our students and staff were delighted with Mr. Smith’s ability to relate to students at every grade level and to involve them in exciting activities. His enthusiasm for writing was contagious and his visit was an exciting and inspiring experience.” Jill Metcalf, Principal, Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Bremerton, WA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful stories you read and told the children. The lessons were so important. I hope the children will carry those lessons and your enthusiasm for life into their adulthood. I wish you the best in your endeavors to improve our future through children and books.” Rock McNulty, Principal, Rio Vista Elementary School

“Our students and staff loved you. . . You have a great way of identifying and sharing with different age groups. It was great!” Tom Winger, Valley Christian School, Auburn, WA

“Thank you for your presentation to our students. Both students and teachers enjoyed their time with you. My only regret is that we did not schedule time for you to work with small groupings of children following your speech. I could tell by your informal discussions with students that you have a strong commitment to and respect for children. Your comments were excellent and went right to the point of our children’s needs. Everything you said was appropriate for the public school setting. We look forward to having you visit again in the future.” Jim Warnock, Principal, Yocum Elementary School, Eldorado, AR

“Mr. Dale Smith presented . . . one of the most special programs that we have ever experienced on our campus. The children were all totally enthralled with his presentation and the teachers are thrilled with his expertise in writing for children. It is a program that I would highly recommend to anyone who is working to get children to appreciate literature.” Carolyn Myres, Principal, J.N. Long School, Cleburne, TX

“During your presentations I watched the children, and they were enthralled with the stories and the lessons on writing. … You obviously have spent a great deal of time getting to know children, their interests and their academic needs. Thank you so much for sharing your warmth and expertise in our school. Our students will write about your visit, discuss it, and remember it in the years to come.”
Lynn Kowalski, Superintendent/Principal, Pleasant View School District, Trenton, MO

To see a downloadable school packet, [click here]. It includes detailed information about the programs: A letter to the person responsible for author visits, costs, additional comments from educators, class handouts, etc.

To see Mr. Smith’s novels and children’s books click here

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